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Can You Use Bubble-bath or Oil in a Whirlpool Bath?


Few things come close to the sheer relaxing luxury of a bubble-bath. Well… except maybe one thing: a whirlpool or spa bath. But is it possible to create the ultimate bathing experience by blending the two? Well, the answer to that is yes and no. It depends on various factors, including the type of bath you own and the type of bath oil or bubble-bath you’re using. 

Let’s find out how you can create the ultimate bath oil whirlpool experience without taking any unnecessary risks. 

Can you use bubble-bath in a whirlpool bath?

The first thing we’ll tackle is the age-old question of whether or not you can (or should) use regular bubble-bath or bath oil in a whirlpool tub. The answer is that it’s possible to use regular bubble-bath, however by doing so you risk a potential overflow of bubbles that could make quite a mess. The reason for this is that bubble-bath is designed to be used in the relatively still waters of a bath, where a little agitation creates a lot of bubbles. Now consider this same liquid in the high-pressure mechanism of a whirlpool bath; much like a washing machine, the powerful jets can quickly create a surplus of foam bubbles that can get… well… everywhere! 

How to avoid a bathroom foam-party

Okay, so let’s assume that you’d like to avoid filling your bathroom top-to-bottom with bubbles. There are a couple of ways to do this. First, you can use a teeny-tiny droplet of regular bubble-bath; this might minimise the risk of foam overload, but is very hard to predict or control. In addition, all products are different, so there are no guarantees. The alternative (and the method we’d recommend at The Whirlpool Bath Shop) is to use a specialised low-foaming whirlpool bath oil. What makes these so special? Well, first and foremost, these products have been designed expressly for use in whirlpool baths. They’re low-foaming, which means you can use a normal amount in your whirlpool bath without the risk of filling the room with unwanted bubbles. 

Choosing a low-foam whirlpool bath oil

There are a few different factors that may affect how you choose the right low-foam whirlpool bath oil for you. In our online bath shop, we stock plenty of Relaxan whirlpool bath oils, every one of which is designed to be perfectly compatible with any whirlpool bath. This brand of bath oil is known for the huge breadth of choice when it comes to scent and aroma. Just because you need low-foam bath oil doesn’t mean you need to compromise; so you can choose from a huge range including Jasmine, Lavender, Rosemary – and many, many more. With so much choice, you’ll be able to enjoy a wonderfully relaxing whirlpool bath experience without filling your bathroom with bubbles!

Want to avoid creating a foam-party in your bathroom while still enjoying a luxury bathing experience? Check out our full range of low-foam whirlpool bath oils now, or call the team with any questions on 0800 028 6174.

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