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Greywater, Sustainable Living, and You: A Beginner’s Guide
With global warming topping the news agenda in countries all around the world, it’s no surprise that sustainable living is more prevalent than ever. At The Whirlpool Bath Shop, we naturally work with water quite a lot, and it’s this reason that sustainability is becoming a key focus in both…
Don't Pull That Plug: How Recycling Water Can Save More Than Money
Did you know that the average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water per day? That’s almost 55,000 litres per person over the course of a full year, and while there’s plenty of water to go around, the processing of this water can have a big impact on…
Outside on the Inside: Which Plants Are Best Suited to the Bathroom?
The bathroom is a warm and welcoming place to most people, but the same can’t necessarily be said for plant life. In fact, if you’ve ever tried to spruce up your bathroom with a vase of flowers, you might just have found that they didn’t take to the humid conditions…
Going Green: How to Run Your Bathroom in the Most Sustainable Way
We’re living in a world where caring for the environment is more important than ever. With hot-button topics like renewable energies and global warning always in the news, there’s a lot to be said for running your home in an energy-efficient way. In that spirit, the Whirlpool Bath Shop team has…
6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly Right Now
6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly Right NowOne of the most important issues of the 21st Century is sustainability.Enjoying the luxury of a whirlpool bathroom doesn’t mean you need to forsake an eco-friendly mind-set. In fact, there are lots of ways you can quickly make a measurable reduction…
Save Water (and Money) with These Simple Eco- Friendly Tips
Save Water (and Money) with These Simple Eco-Friendly Tips It’s a staggering fact that the average UK household uses 360 litres of water each day. That can be a little surprising – but fear not, there are plenty of ways you can reduce your water use. Not only that, but you…

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